Physical fit is only one part of the equation. Getting to know who you are, what matters to you, and what moments you need to win, are the real factors that make a great suit.

Chances are you have more important things to do than figure out what to wear. I'll meet you where you're at. We'll get to know each other and what you are looking to achieve. I'll handle everything else.


Timeless Wear, as Unique as the Man Himself

There are very few things a man may own more valuable than his suit. It's not because there aren't more important things, but because you will be wearing a suit when many of those important things happen. A great suit that fits you --uniquely you-- and accentuates your best qualities, physical and otherwise, allows you own the first impression, and the last; the moments that matter most.

This is my friend Kyle, and his gorgeous wife, Heidi. When he came to me, he was looking for a timeless look, unique to him, with a boldness that reflected their unique love. I'm proud to say that when he looks back at one of the best moments of his life, he will be wearing a suit that fit him, and fit the moment.

Own the moment, whatever the occasion.

*actual client pictured

Work on the Man.   I'll work on the Suit.


A great suit is more than clothing. A great suit is a vessel for a man's purpose.

Preston Steele


Set up a quick session with me to get fitted. After selecting styles and fabrics, my tailor and I will make your suit in 5-6 weeks, and deliver it wherever you need.